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Lobby options


The lobby contains the lists of players, games and tournaments, enabling you to navigate to the location of your choice. It also contains links to the Poker Cashier, Help and Contact information. The central area of the Lobby displays lists of players, tables, games and tournaments. The lobby can display a wide range of information, easily selected by clicking on the tabs across the top of the screen. Within each list, you can sort the information alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the heading of any column. For example, in the Players List, clicking on the head of the "Names" column will sort the list by Player's Name alphabetically. Clicking again will re-sort the list in reverse alphabetical order. The tabs access the following lists:


The list of players currently logged on; their name; their status (eg watching, in lobby, playing etc) and their location. You can use the player search tool to look for your buddies by ticking the "buddies" checkbox.


This is the default view. The tabs show the game types available (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 5-7Card Stud) and, by selecting each one, a list of available games is displayed. Doubling-clicking on a game or selecting it and clicking the Join Table or Watch Table buttons will take you to that table. The columns of the room list table are explained below:


The stakes used at this table (the stakes and betting rules are explained in the Game Rules).


The number of players currently playing at this table (not including the dealer).


The average pot per game at this table for the last 50 hands.


What percent of players, who started the hand, stayed in until the flop card (Game Rules). This figure is an average calculated for the last 50 hands.


This number of dealt hands per hour on that table.


This tab lists the scheduled tournaments, giving basic information and indicating the status - whether "upcoming", "finished" or open for "registration". Clicking on a tournament provides further information and, if applicable, the registration screen.


You can customize your game environment by adjusting any of the following options:


Please note that the Poker Options tab is available from the lobby only - these settings cannot be changed while you have a table window open. Top view/Side View - Choose whether you want to view the poker game from the top or from a realistic 3-D side view.


Here you can choose you avatar - that is how other people will see and hear you. The avatars only appear when you play the game in Side View mode.


Audio Volume - Drag the slider to the right or left to lower or raise the volume.

Sound - Select this to enable ambient sound effects.

Music - Select this to listen to background music while you play.

Dealer Sounds - Select this to hear the dealer speaking while you play.

The sound option must also be selected in order to hear the dealer.

Player Sounds - Select this to hear other players during play. The sound option must also be selected in order to hear the players


Enable Full Screen mode - Select this to display the Poker over the entire screen. When this option is not selected you will see the Poker displayed in a midsize window.

Chat - view bubbles - Select where you want to see the chat when you're playing at a table.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our customer support team who are at your service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Use the following buttons and boxes during the game:


Check this box to withdraw from the game. You will stay seated at the table. When you uncheck this box, you will return to the game at the start of the next game round. If you missed a round, where you should have posted a blind, then you have to post it when you return to the game.


Fold your card automatically during Showdown, if a previous player has a better hand than you.


Check this box to post blinds automatically, as required.


To buy chips, using the money on your balance, click here.


To chat with other players, type your text into the chat bar and press enter, or click the Chat button.


Click this button to open the help file.


Click here to open the Options window, where you can adjust various game settings. See the Options section of the help file for more information.


Lobby Click here to exit the Poker Room and go back to the Lobby.


It is possible to join up to eight tables and play eight games simultaneously. When you have joined a table, return to the lobby and select and join another table, repeating this again for the third. Switching between open tables is done through a set of table buttons located in the top left corner of the table window. *this feature is only available when playing in top view mode.

When you are playing multiple tables, you will see a list of the active tables in the top left hand corner of each table window. You can switch between tables by clicking on the Table Name in this list. To leave any of the tables, click on the red "exit" box adjacent to each table name.

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